In Whitley Strieber’s book, Confirmation, he described having an implant placed in/behind his left ear during one of his encounters with the “visitors.” In 1989, an attempt was made to remove the implant. However, during the procedure, the implant moved away from the incision. Only a portion of the implant was removed, and the remainder stayed in place. The HellFire Remote Viewing Club was blindly tasked to view Strieber’s implant at the time of implantation, along with the intelligence that placed it there and the impact the device had on Strieber. The group brought back data not only lends credibility to Strieber’s account but gives a profound insight into the relationship between an advanced intelligence and humanity, possibly assisting in our own evolution. This video includes feedback from the viewers regarding their highlights and impressions about their sessions along with a detailed analysis presentation by the tasker of all corroborating data collected by the remote viewers.

The viewers who worked on this project were: Daz, Coral, Anita, Nyiam, Don, Darby, Henni, and Dimi, and the tasker was Dennis.

Whitley Strieber’s Implant, time of implantation


Viewer will describe Whitley Strieber’s implant, located in his left ear, at the time of implantation. Viewer will describe the main purpose and function of the implant, and how it interacts with, impacts, and affects Strieber.


1. Describe the implant and its main purpose or function
2. Describe the impact or affect the implant has on Strieber
3. Describe the intelligence/entity that implanted the object