Tasker for this Project was Dimi


TARGET 9355-9796 Philip Experiment

The Hellfire remote viewers were Blindly tasked to look at this experiment from the 1970s and to describe it and how it worked.


This experiment is commonly known as the “Philip Experiment” and took place in the 1970s as a component of parapsychological research conducted by the Toronto Society for Psychical Research (TSPR). The primary aim was to determine whether it was possible to conjure a ghost or entity through collective effort for the purpose of communication.

The Philip Experiment was initiated in the 1970s by a group of 8 individuals interested in parapsychology and paranormal phenomenon. The goal was to explore whether a collective belief in an entirely fictional character, “Philip,” could lead to paranormal experiences or/and responses from that one.

In the early stages of the experiment, the participants did not initially attain the anticipated results in terms of paranormal phenomena for several months. The turning point that led to a shift in results involved fostering a more upbeat atmosphere, engaging in collective singing, and cultivating a light-hearted and joyful state of mind.

The participants gathered around a table and engaged in discussions, laughter, and singing as they attempted to communicate with “Philip.” They asked questions and collectively focused on their belief in the fictional character.

The Philip Experiment demonstrated the power of collective belief and imagination in shaping paranormal experiences, showcasing how a fictional character could seemingly come to life through group dynamics and focused intention.

In summary, the Philip Experiment highlights the influence of collective imagination. It demonstrates how shared belief can shape our understanding of reality. This experiment encourages us to explore the power of shared human experiences and the mysteries that lie beyond our everyday perceptions.

Feedback – The Philip Experiment – video (1970s)


The main presentation ( Dimi)  – https://youtu.be/vdtqbeQ4KEA
Coral – https://youtu.be/RwUlOLLC6bE
Dennis – https://youtu.be/8XE0HUN6wjg
Daz – https://youtu.be/Umg4mKxhR8I
Don – https://youtu.be/LONDz9xzILU
Henni – https://youtu.be/uxizcPwga3o

Coral's video for the project.

Daz's video on this project.

Dennis's video for the project.

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Henni's video for the project.