Tasked in May 2021 By Dennis Nappi II, to the members of the Hellfire Club, this very interesting target was an attempt to get information and validation on some of the claims of Colonel Philip J. Corso in his book The Day after Roswell.

The BLIND tasking for this project – was:


Roswell Silicon Chips – Purpose, Origin, & Impact


1. Viewer will describe the purpose and function of the silicon chips recovered form the Roswell crash, as reported by Colonel Philip J. Corso in his book The Day after Roswell.


1. Viewer will identify the intelligence behind the creation of the silicon chips found at the Roswell crash. (*note ʹ viewer is to focus on the original chips recovered, not any reproductions that may have been made)
2. Viewer will describe the impacts this technology will have on human society.
3. Viewer will describe the impacts this technology will have on human consciousness and physiology.


In 1997, Colonel Philip J. Corso released his book, “The Day After Roswell.” In his book, he claims to have worked for the Pentagon with the task of taking recovered debris from the Roswell Crash and covertly sending them to labs to be reverse engineered. When looking at the tiny silicon chips (integrated circuits), Corso speculated on the following possibility, which can be found in Chapter 12 of his book: It was as if from the year 1947 to 1980 a fundamental paradigm shift in the ability of humankind to process information took place. Computers themselves almost became something like a silicon-based lifeform, inspiring the carbon-based lifeforms on the planet Earth to develop them, grow them, and even help them reproduce. With computer-directed process-control programs now in place in virtually all major industries, software that writes software, neural-network-based expert systems that learn from their own experience in the real world, and current experiments under way to grow almost microscopically thin silicon-based chips in the weightless environment of earth orbit may be the forerunner of a time when automated orbital factories routinely grow and harvest new silicon material for microprocessors more sophisticated than we can even imagine at the present. Were all of this to be true, could it not be argued that the silicon wafers we recovered from Roswell were the real masters and space travellers and the EBE creatures their hosts or servants?

Once implanted successfully on Earth, our culture having reached a point of readiness through its development of the first digital computers, would not the natural development stream, starting from the invention of the transistor, have carried us to the point where we achieve a symbiotic relationship with the silicon material that carries our data and enables us to become more creative and successful? Maybe the Roswell crash, which helped us develop the technological basis for the weapons systems to protect our planet from the EBEs, was also the mechanism for successfully implanting a completely alien non-humanoid life-form that survives from host to host like a virus, a digital Ebola that we humans will carry to another planet someday. Or what if an enemy wanted to implant the perfect spying or sabotage mechanism into a culture? Then the implantation of the microchip-based circuit into our technology by the EBEs would be the perfect method. Was it implanted as sabotage or as something akin to the gift of fire? Maybe the Roswell crash in 1947 was an event waiting to happen, like poisoned fruit dropping from the tree into a playground. Once bitten, the poison takes effect.

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