The (in)famous Skinwalker Ranch where multiple UFO sightings had taken place over decades as well as a plethora of anomalies that included cattle mutilations, sightings of orbs of different colors, discarnate entities, and poltergeist activity. Shortly after the AAWSAP investigations began, the DIA deployed several military personnel on-site visits to Skinwalker Ranch to corroborate and evaluate earlier reports of anomalous phenomena. All five DIA personnel deployed to the ranch experienced profound anomalies while on the property, and more importantly, all five “brought something home” with them.

The leader of this five military personnel was a Naval Intelligence officer whom we gave the pseudonym Jonathan Axelrod in our book (Lacatski, Kelleher & Knapp, 2021). Axelrod was an accomplished engineer who would eventually be promoted to the rank of two-star admiral within Naval Intelligence and who possessed Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS SCI ) clearances at the time of his ranch visit in July 2009. Axelrod, accompanied by

Jim Costigan and David Wilson encountered an anomaly on the ranch that caused a lot of fear in all three men. But little did he know that this incident was only the beginning of his troubles. Within a month of arriving back home in Virginia, a plethora of paranormal phenomena suddenly erupted in Axelrod’s home. For several years following his July 2009 and subsequent trips to the Ranch, Axelrod’s wife and teenage children were subjected to nightmarish “dogmen” appearing in their back- yard; to blue, red, yellow, and white orbs routinely floating through the home and in the yard; to black shadow people standing over their beds when they awoke; and to a relentless barrage of loud, unexplained footsteps walking up and down the stairs of their house.

The Axelrod family also suffered health effects with the wife suffering flare-ups of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Lupus) and Raynaud’s Disease. Both Axelrod teenagers also endured intense flu-like symptoms at different times following anomalies in their home, with the most serious medical symptoms occurring in the younger teenager. What was once a normal middle-class home in suburban Virginia became an inferno of unexplained phenomena. And Axelrod and his family were certain that the trigger for this transformation was his first trip to Skinwalker Ranch.

The project tasking:


“The Hitchhiker Effect” of Jonathan Axelrod, from Skinwalker Ranch


The viewer will describe the so-called “Hitchhiker Effect” related to Jonathan Axelrod, and the way which this effect is passed on to others.


1 – describe the source of this phenomenon;

2 – describe the purpose/reason of this effect;

3 – describe the processes and mechanism which underlies this phenomenon; what is special or different about J. Axelrod, or to those to whom it is passed on, from other people, which made them sensitive to pick up this phenomenon and to transmit it to another person.


The Project tasker on this project was Dimi and the remote viewers were: Daz, Coral, Darby, Dennis, Nyiam and Henni.

The Remote Viewers own videos on this project:

Daz's hitchhiker video

Darby's Hitchhiker video

Nyiam's hitchhiker video

Coral's Hitchhiker video

Dennis's hitchhiker video

Henni's Hitchhiker video

Daz Smith pdf of his remote viewing session work (pdf)

The Hitchhiker effect and models of contagion, Edgescience June 2022, pdf.


Dimi – the project manager for this project recorded this video of ALL the remote viewing in summary form (43mins):

Hellfire viewer – Darby’s Remote viewing work on the same target/project –


Robert Bigelow discusses Skinwalker Ranch’s “Hitchhiker Effect” on Government employees:

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