Daz Smith Is the creator of Hellfire Club and is considered one of the foremost experts and historians in this area. He is the publisher and editor of Eight Martini’s State of the Art Remote Viewing Magazine, which covers the latest breakthroughs in remote viewing from the standpoint of protocol, applications, and analysis. He has several large information websites and social media outlets on the subject of remote viewing.  He has also done extensive research on the CIA Star Gate archives and has a good working knowledge of the material covered in the 91,000 pages of information released on the government remote viewing programs. He is the author of CRV: Controlled remote viewing: Collected manuals and information to help you learn this intuitive art; Remote Viewing Dialogues (2013): Psychic Spy Veterans from the 23 year, U.S. Military and Intelligence Remote Viewing Programs, Share their expertise (2015) ; and Remote Viewing 9/11: A new Intuitive Perspective on the New York and Washington, D.C. Terror Attacks (2016), Surfing the psychic internet. (2006).

Additionally, Daz is a highly sought-after remote viewer of his generation due to his accuracy and artistic renditions of locations and target persons. He is also one of the few remote viewers today who has had extensive experience performing his sessions standing up, writing on a large canvas, before a camera. (https://youtu.be/uDT3_iXIUhM?t=48 ). He has worked as a project manager and viewer for some of the most recognized operators and researchers in the field of RV on both public and private remote viewing projects. He has also worked for a missing person group for several years, collaborating on over 200 missing people cases. Daz currently works for the business Cryptoviewing which is the only remote viewing business employing remote viewers within a combined team of twelve staff running remote viewing projects for a large-paying subscriber base. The projects within Cryptoviewing are financial markets, cryptocurrencies, mysteries targets, and predictive targets on global news events.

He is also an accomplished graphic designer, artist, photographer, and video editor.

His main websites are: www.remoteviewed.com  and www.eightmartinis.com.

Daz Smith

Dennis Nappi II is an American author living in Pennsylvania. Early in his career, Dennis served as an intelligence soldier for the army and worked as a police officer. Dennis holds a master’s degree in education and has been a special-education teacher for over a decade.

Dennis has dedicated his focus to better understanding the potential of human intuitive abilities. He has shared his experiences, interviews, and research surrounding psychic phenomena and the paranormal in his books, podcast, videos, and website. Dennis is the host of CryptoViewing, and he is currently exploring his own abilities through remote viewing, reiki, and meditation. In his spare time, Dennis can often be found on an adventure in nature with his 3 young children.

Twitter: @DennisNappiII
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCChCpzW9UHujd-4RhYI9Njw
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/4LowjvxmR2OzVIpr88UAgG?dl_branch=1&si=Mzk5iorYSRCATg9KuEX8pg

Dennis Napi II

Coral Carte – Born on the shores in South Africa to mixed European parents, she moved to Italy after being awarded a scholarship from the Italian Foreign Ministry. Studies include BA with majors in Psychology, English and Dramatic Arts, a postgraduate specialization in Television Production and an MA in Interaction from Domus Academy/University of Wales.

A precognitive dreamer as a child, she found dreaming shamanism and Tarot as a teenager and finally when she began looking for a more formal qualification in Shamanism, she found Lyn Buchanan’s site and begun her journey in Remote Viewing in 1998 finishing Advanced in 2001. After 20 years of practice and 10 of operational Remote Viewing she began teaching CRV in 2020.

Other studies include Basic and Advanced Clairvoyant Class in Debra Lynn Katz’s International school of Clairvoyance, a Post Advanced Specialization in Med Aps. Family Constellations, Psychogeneology, Psychomagic, Art Therapy and Movement Therapy.

Her professional career started as a Press Photographer, set photographer, advertising and TV producer, English teacher, Movement, Art therapist and Remote Viewer. She is an animist, shaman and practicing mage.

https://linconscioparla.webnode.page/ (about Remote Viewing, in Italian)


Henni Hadju started to learn remote viewing a little bit over 2.5 years ago and is currently an advanced student of Lori Williams. She participated in experimental and exploratory remote viewing projects run by Daz Smith and Jon Knowles as well as in pro-bono client works. Besides being a remote viewer-apprentice, she also participates in and runs projects with a group of remote viewer friends (the results of which are published on www.rvprojects.hu and www.adventuresinremoteviewing.com).

She recently learned the HRVG methodology from Sita Menor as well. Her main interests lie in historic-archeological, precognitive, forensic, technological and medical uses of remote viewing.


Anita de Lange is a humble servant of creation: Dreamer, navigator, rebel, mediator, and explorer of worlds.

She has over a decade of experience in CRV, ARV, ERV, TRV, mediumship, dowsing, reversed speech, OBE, Jungian dream work, tarot, NDE’s, and other tools of psychological magick – transcending a 20 year career in the corporate jungle, with PSG group/TdP Auditors.

Anita is an ongoing student of Lyn Buchanan (trainer of the US Military Stargate Project), having trained with multiple mentors across doctrines (the list too long to put here, available on request). Her other passions are artisan baking, freelance writing/research/analyst, art, astronomy, rocks, farm life, giving back to the community.. -and (of course), more controlled remote viewing!!

Email: pshycokinesis@gmail.com

Anita de Lange

Darby Miller has been exploring the inner mysteries of life since his late teens. He has done extensive training in energetic and spiritual healing, and other inner practices. Darby began his formal training in remote viewing in 2018 and has completed both CRV and HRVG training.

Darby is currently the host of the Global Meditation Podcast and the Global Meditation Network, where you can join him in daily 15-minute global meditations. Keep abreast of Darby’s latest remote viewing videos, podcast episodes and the Global Meditation Network through the links below:


Podcast Audio:





Dimi started her remote viewing journey almost 3,5 years ago, with training by Lori Williams, in Basic and Intermediate CRV. Then Daz Smith took her under his wing, and became her mentor, She finished Daz’s CRV Course approximately a year later. This changed completely her life.

Dimi loves Remote Viewing, reading about it, seeing other viewers session work, and talking around these topics, she feels great joy when she is confronted with interesting targets or good hits. This year she attended Julia Mossbridge’s “Operational Precognitive Remote Viewing Course” which was fun and interesting.


Don deCourcell, took several classes in Remote Viewing including TDS RV with John Vivanco, CRV with Angela Thompson Smith, and HRVG through the Ascension Center. He is an active member of the Remote Viewing community online and has participated in many practice teams and targeting sessions over the years.

Don comes to us with a fairly technical background. Having spent the bulk of his career in the Telecommunications industry at AT&T Bell Labs, Lucent, Avaya, IDT, and Verizon Wireless. Roles included:  Technical Consultant, Researcher, Software Developer, Interactive Voice Response developer, and System Tester.

  • In his spare time he also did beta testing on the 3D graphics/animation program called Cinema 4D (Maxon).
  • Don is now retired and continues enjoying hobbies including:
  • Building and programming computers at home.
  • Playing the popular Asian board game of GO.
  • 3D modeling and animation.
  • 3D Printing.
  • Video and audio editing.

Some of Don’s projects can be found here on Youtube


Nyiam is an audio-visual artist & remote viewer from the greater Toronto area. He has been studying remote viewing since 2011, his YouTube channel has become one of the top resources on the internet for remote viewing performed live on camera with 150+ RV related videos. He currently works with CryptoViewing a multi-disciplinary group that accurately forecasts cryptos & events with military-grade remote viewing. Nyiams links are: www.peacepipeapparel.com