Darby's (the project manager) presentation on this project

This was a project within the Hellfire remote Viewing group. Tasked by Darby – the BLIND target turned out to be: The Council of Nine.

For many years, a group of people has been communicating with beings that wish to make contact with Earth – they have channeled information through many of the top psychics and intuitives. 

//We are the Council of Nine, we oversee what you term the Universe. We are nine principles of the Universe… we are in connection with one that is higher, but in totality together we are one, as that of all the Universe is one… we are not physical beings. We are separate and one at the same time.//


Tasking: The remote viewer will provide data about the group known as the Council of Nine,
also known as the Council of Saturn, and their current activities and objectives as it relates to
humans on Earth.

Darby: I expect some of the data to correspond to information regarding the Council of Nine/
Saturn found in the Law of One books published by L/L Research.


I was first introduced to the idea of a group known as the Council of Nine through a body of tranced channel information commonly referred to as the Law of One or Ra material. The Law of One material is a collection of 106 trance channeling sessions that were conducted during the years 1981-1984. The material is published and maintained by L/L Research. During these channeling sessions Carla Rueckert, known as the “instrument”, would go into a trance state and depart her body and a group of beings that go by the name of “Ra” would speak through her. Carla was completely unconscious during this trance state and would have to be told what occurred after the sessions were complete. Don Elkins, the “questioner”, would ask Ra questions during these sessions. Jim McCarty, the “scribe” would sit in a space of meditation sending Carla energetic support during these physically taxing sessions, and he would
transcribe them afterward.

The Council of Nine/Saturn has been mentioned in other bodies of work, before and after the Law of One material, some of these include:

URI by Andrija Puharich

The Magic Bag by Mark Probert

The Only Planet of Choice by Phyllis V. Schlemmer

The remote viewers work by viewer:

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